Holiday Protection Formula

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€ 2.00 coverage fee
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Holiday Protection Formula
€ 2.00
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Holiday Protection Formula

Seeking our legal assistance is fast and easy !

Our proficient lawyers will assess your case promptly and endeavor to present a resolution proposal within 6 hours.. 
Additionally, we'll provide tailored information on pricing based on your specific circumstances.

Seeking our legal assistance is fast and easy !

Our Legal Support Fees

Transparent and competitive Legal Support Fees for Civil and Criminal Liability cases.
Worry Free will provide you an exceptional legal service tailored to your needs, putting you and your interests first.

Civil Liability

Successful Result (Winning the case / positive scenario)

Will be applied the national italian standard fees, in the maximum of 20% of the refundment, excluding taxes and court costs.

Negative Result (Losting the case / bad scenario)

We will not charge yoy any cost except taxes and statal expenses

Criminal Liability

Regardless of the outcome

Will be applied the national italian standard fees, discounted of 20%

Included in the price

Costs and Benefits

  • Fast advice in 6 hours
  • All over Italy
  • Email and WhatsApp online support
Included in the price

How does it work?

Process and Case Management

Our legal staff will take charge of your report and provide you with fast support in all phases of the procedure. The service is valid for all those cases in which the subscriber receives a disservice during their stay in Italy: with the hotel, with a restaurant, with a local citizen, public facilities, road accidents, personal injuries, and also: disservices with airlines, trains, ships, medical liability.

How does it work?

Out-of-Court Agreement

Superior Negotiation Capacity

It is possible that our client will be able to obtain compensation for any damage sustained by them, even out of court because our company also makes use of experts in carrying out technical assessments and appraisals who, in the event of accidents, verify the existence of the causal link of the damage and the correctness of the estimates formulated.

Out-of-Court Agreement

Your comfort zone all over Italy

Feel at home with our Language interpeters!

We make use of foreign language interpreters who can interact with our client as if he were at home.
The service is innovative in that it creates an assistance network for those who are on holiday in Italy and who have to suffer or cause an event having a civil and/or criminal liability profile.

Your comfort zone all over Italy

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